Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hungry yet?

I am!!!!!
Donut fundariasing for Good Shepherd youth is here!!!!! Get your forms from me and start selling krispy kreme's yummy donuts!
price: 6.50 per dozen
what they can order: donuts by the dozen OR certificates for donuts by the dozen (the donuts allow your buyers to get their donuts whenever they are near a krispy kreme store (this does NOT include grocery stores or gas stations taht sell krispy kremes!)
deadline: all sales must be turned into me by March 14, 2010!!! I will place the orders and get them to you on March 21st! Also, remember to keep track of your money. If for whatever reason you are short, it will come out of your pocket.
Most importantly: have fun!!!!
love you all,

1 comment:

  1. dont forget guys-- we need to sell at least 25 dozen!!!
    this is gonna be so much fun!! :)
    -kellie (yp)