Thursday, May 20, 2010

don't forget.....

youth yard sale this Saturday, May 22 from 6am to 12pm

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May youth events!!

I'm happy to annouce that we have some fun events coming up this month!

First off, we have a YARD SALE!!!!

Who: YOU!!! the youth (and anyone else willing to help out)

When: May 22, 2010 from 6:30 am- 12pm, but we need to meet beforehand to organize (see below for further details)

What: A community yard sale taking place at Pastor Frank and Sue's neighborhood.

Where: We will have our very own booth set up on the parsonage's yard to sell out items!!!

Why: To raise funds for our youth ministry (for fun upcoming events!)

More info and how you can help:

YOUTH: come to youth this Sunday, May 16th (from 4pm- 6pm) to help us organze and price items donated already (food and drinks will be provided as usual!); donate items that you and your family no longer want (BUT PLEASE double check items with your parents FIRST); ask others (friends, friends parents, etc. to help donate to our yard sale!; come to the yard sale and help us sell!! I will need TONS of help!

other church members (especially parents!): donate items that you would otherwise give to charity; ask others to donate to our yard sale; come on May 22nd (6:30am- 12pm) and help us sell!!!! we need you too!; come to the community yard sale in support, there will be our booth as well as tons of others-- shop!!!

We will need a LOT of help to get this event underway, so PLEASE especially you YOUTH, come to youth group this Sunday to help prepare and then PLEASE come to the yard sale to help us sell!!! Remember, this yard sale is all about YOU, so YOU need to be a part of it!

Next event:
......are you ready......????

Youth Group Lock In!!!!!!

When: (Memorial Day Weekend)
Starts: Friday, May 28th @ 6pm
Ends: Saturday, May 29th @ 12 pm

Where: the church

Who: all youth are invited, so bring your friends!

What: a church lock in. We will have tons of food (dinner included--so bring $5 for pizza!), movies (bring one if you'd like, but it MUST be church appropriate), games (feel free to bring your own, but remember they MUST be church appropriate!!), etc.

-Please let me know if you plan on attending. :)

What are some other events that yall would like to do come this summer???? Don't be shy!

your youth leader